Wednesday Work Group

The Wednesday Work Group (WWG) consists of a group of Friends that get together to support the mission of the Friends by acquiring, restoring and maintaining farm equipment and items to be used by the Agricultural Farm Park.  Members of the Friends Restoration Committee belong to the Wednesday Work Group and provide guidance for the acquisition and restoration of equipment. The farm equipment is used and/or displayed to support the various events held on the farm. In addition, farm house items such as furniture, kitchen and other household items from the past are also collected, displayed and used. Restoration activity includes restoration by members of the work group and/or contracting with outside restoration specialists to restore equipment.  

If you would like to join the Wednesday Work Group, please print out the following Wednesday Work Group Application and send to the address on the form.

The Wednesday Work Group meets every Wednesday throughout the year from 9:00am-noon in the Newman Building. 

The Newman building houses most of the large collection of farm equipment and other farm-related items in its expansive storage facilities.  Currently, the building houses several hundred pieces of large farm equipment and over a thousand of other farm-related items.

Currently, the Friends Collection of farm equipment and items consists of large items such as tractors, tilling, planting, cultivating and harvesting equipment, livestock equipment and an operational saw mill, supporting timber/firewood processing machines, woodworking machines and a variety of mechanics equipment such as welders and mechanics tools. A variety of other antique farm-related items from the nineteenth and early twentieth century is also in the collection.  Household items include furniture, kitchen appliances and utensils typical of the early twentieth century.  A small library of books and magazines are also maintained depicting typical items that might be found in a farm house setting.

In support of the Ag Farm events, Members help set up and take down for the event and participate in the event by operating the hay rides, saw mill, preparing/serving food and a variety of other support activities for the Friends and for the Agricultural Farm Park staff.

Participating in the Wednesday Work Group is another great way to contribute to the mission of the Friends.